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We are glad to welcome you to the portal! You are on the website about the interpretation of dreams, where you can to gather for yourself a lot of interesting knowledge, to look into your future, to understand what fate is preparing for you. A well-interpreted dream can be a sure warning, a promise of joy and well-being, or on the contrary, a harbinger of illness or even death, the promise of family happiness or a quick marriage.

There were and are many prediction options, and they are all collected in dream books or interpreters of dreams. You can find answers to many of your questions on our website

We created this site for those who want to understand how dreams are related to events occurring with a person in reality. While awake, each of us receives a huge amount of information, this flow is continuous and inexhaustible. Our consciousness is forced to leave in memory only the most important and significant information, as if filtering out everything else. Nevertheless, a person remembers in the smallest detail everything that happens with him at every moment in time.

This is due to the work of the subconscious, collecting and analyzing all incoming information. In a dream our subconsciousness comes to the fore, returning information unnoticed to a person with the help of dreams - vivid figurative actions unfolding before the eyes of the sleeper.

That is why the significance of dreams is difficult to overestimate, although it is possible that in some cases their content is formed under the influence of vivid impressions of the past day, or is only a reflection of just the events that occurred. Nevertheless, our dreams remain an inexhaustible source of information. More often the prediction made on their basis comes true.

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Dream interpretation interpretation of dreams

Humanity began to study the meanings of dreams and their interpretations several thousand years ago. As a rule, dreams were interpreted by shamans, soothsayers, priests or sorcerers - i.e. those who possessed mystical abilities. In our time, even scientists - psychologists, doctors, psychoanalysts and other human researchers - are undertaking to interpret dreams. For example, many famous dream books were compiled by people who have devoted themselves to science, and it should be noted that their interpretation of dreams is often true.

Thanks to them, it became known that the correct interpretation of dreams depends on the dreamer himself. For example, it is very important that a woman or a man, an old man or a child had a dream. The time at which the dream was dreamed is also important.

This dream book gives a generalized interpretation of dreams, which is most often mentioned in other dream books. The interpretation of dreams from a dream book is never specific. The same symbol can be interpreted in different ways. Therefore, in order for the interpretation of the dream to be the most truthful, pay attention not only to the general meaning of the dream, but also to its details. This will help unravel the secrets of your dreams. The dream book, and the interpretation of dreams in it, is provided free of charge online, so to get the most accurate interpretation of a dream, use the interpretation of interpretations from several dream books, comparing several images.

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