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Sleep prediction Pan

by Rommel's dream book
To see yourself with a frying pan in your hands or fry something in a pan in a dream - in reality, be forced to rush to the completion of some business.

Otherwise, competitors may interfere with you.

Such a dream can have to do with personal life.

Sleep prediction Pan

by American dream book
He was the god of the shepherds and hunters of ancient Greece.

He invented the flute.

This image symbolizes joy and nature.

Is it time to experience the true joy that comes from the children of nature?

Sleep prediction Pan

by Dream interpretation of the twentieth century
A new saucepan in a dream: it may portend an unexpected event in your home. Perhaps someone from your family is preparing a surprise for you, or you yourself can surprise your family with your behavior.

If the saucepan is beautiful and in good working order: the surprise promises to be pleasant.

Too big a saucepan: a sign of that that you may have more trouble.

If milk, porridge or broth escaped from the pan in a dream: such a dream warns that excessive emotions threaten to lead to conflict and certain losses in your home.

Cleaning pots from carbon deposits in a dream: it says that some petty quarrel with your family can cause you trouble and leave a heavy mark. After such a dream, it is better to try to avoid negative outbursts.

Sleep prediction Pan

by Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great
You dream of an empty saucepan - your chores in reality will be nothing more than vanity; the woman you like will not pay attention to you; you will only kill time and achieve nothing; it was empty in your hands and will be empty; the soul will be empty too - dissatisfaction

The pot in your dream is not empty, something is boiling in it - you are not satisfied with your life and are active, wishing to achieve a better fate; a dream suggests that your actions are too chaotic, you do not always think them through in advance, therefore you often stumble upon locked doors; you may need to take only one step, but at the right moment.

You dream of a saucepan with leftover food - one of two things: you will quarrel either with your wife or with your neighbors; if with a wife, it is because of jealousy; if with neighbors, then because of the schedule of cleaning the common area.

Your pan seems to be full of holes - you will have a love adventure in which you will not look very heroic; what you would like to hide will become known to the public; they will wash the bones in every way.

Why dream Pan

by Family dream book
A dream about pots - dirty, crumpled, broken, crooked - is a sign of lies, gossip and discord. Seeing her boiling on fire is a squabble. Seeing a saucepan in a dream over low heat or shiny is a sign of family well-being and happiness.