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Why dream Hat

by Dream interpretation Hasse
Good, new - honor and fame; old, bad - flaws; torn off by the wind - miss out on profit; update - you will get harm through people; dress - fast road; to lose - anxiety in the house; replace - boredom; to raise - joy, pleasure; many hats - a good start

To see in a dream Hat

by Free dream book
It is an ambivalent symbol; can mean help or fake authority. A hat on a man, young or old, indicates simplicity, worldly wisdom; on a child or a woman - symbolizes ambition, inadequacy and falsehood, but, above all, the prohibiting action of the "Super-I". Indicates pathological compensation for erotic instinct or emotional-sensory relationships. This image often symbolizes insecurity about personal status or in the area of ​​sexual relations.

Why dream Hat

by Miller's dream book
Pick up a hat - you will have to defend your honor and good name;
for a girl - trying on a new hat - an interesting acquaintance, and maybe true love;
black hat - your lover will cheat on you;
for men - a new hat - happiness will smile at you;
putting on a light summer hat - new friends;
losing a hat - complications in the business sphere;
Your hat is blown away - sleep is unfavorable.

Sleep prediction Hat

by English dream book
When a man dreams of an acquaintance in a beautiful hat, the dream says that she is in love with him. Do not rush to marry this woman, she is windy and will be a bad wife for you. A woman who sees a man in a hat in a dream should take a closer look at her groom. Most likely, her chosen one is, to put it mildly, insane, and most importantly, unreliable. He will be affectionate and gentle with her, but only during the honeymoon. Seeing yourself in a new hat is a sign of great success in what you are now taking on. If the hat is blown off by the wind or is taken away from you - take a closer look at your surroundings: obviously. You trusted the wrong person. If in a dream someone puts on your hat - this dream warns of the appearance of a rival or competitor who will interfere with you, but will not be able to completely ruin the matter.

Why dream Hat

by Rommel's dream book
All kinds of hats dream of long trips, favorable changes, profit - if the hats are new.

An old hat dreams of money offers, but if it is dirty and torn, it portends dishonor and loss.

If a woman puts on a beautiful hat, new love adventures await her.

Black hat, hat with a veil - to widowhood or remarriage, failure in business, fake friendship.

Turn the hat in his hands - to defend against ridiculous rumors and gossip.

To try on - to achieve an easy victory from people completely uninteresting to you.

If you lose your hat or see how the wind blows it away, complications in business or a runny nose are coming .

A hat wet from the rain promises a need.

A hat that has fallen into the mud is a change for the worse.

Buying a hat is a matchmaking.

Sleep prediction Hat

by Self-study guide to the interpretation of dreams
A hat is a symbol of the dreamer's self-esteem.

An extreme manifestation of this meaning is a crown.

Seeing a crown is to gain recognition among friends and colleagues.

Seeing a hat on yourself or a friend is good change, profitable venture.

Losing your hat - your deal will fail, hopes will melt.