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Sleep prediction Run

by Islamic dream book
brisk walking between the hills of Safa and Marwa: Running between Safa and Marwa in a dream indicates an improvement in relations with someone and reconciliation after enmity and quarrel, as well as getting rid of anxiety and a lot from Allah (livelihood). If the one who saw such a dream is sick, then he will recover and begin to earn his living.

Why dream Run

by Loff's dream book
Running is a traditional symbol of health and longevity, as well as a means of escape from potential danger. A running dream can be a dream of masculinity or salvation.

Usually in dreams where running is present and the dominant feeling is fear, you can see yourself running all night and eventually fleeing from impending danger (which can drain you emotionally), or you will constantly stumble, bump into countless obstacles, and the object of your fears will seem even worse.

In the latter case, try to look at the plot of the dream through the prism of events that happen to you in real life, paying attention to the sphere in which you feel the pressure. Sometimes this can be a wonderful solution to an urgent problem (See HUNTING).

To see in a dream Run

by Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov
Improvement in business and well-being in family life. Running in splendid loneliness - you have a rapid career growth. Along with a high position, decent earnings will also come. Running on tall grass - new interesting beginnings await you ahead that will absorb all your free time. To participate in running competitions - you will compete for the attention of a loved one, in which your opponent will fail.

Remember the feeling of running, imagine how easy it is for you to run, as if you had wings behind you. Be sure to run (not mentally, for real) at least a few steps.

Chasing someone - the vacation that you have dreamed of for so long will become a reality. Tired of running - a dream portends a wonderful vacation for you. Running in the company of other people - a pleasant company will allow you to take a break from the stress of the last days and get a charge of positive emotions.

Try to remember the faces of people who are running with you. They will become your companions for rest and entertainment. Imagine around the face of those people, meeting with whom will bring you the greatest pleasure.

Running without a specific goal / Running for the sake of running - procrastination, uselessness of action. Running barefoot - you made rash steps, trouble is inevitable. Running on the edge - your rash risk will lead to danger. Running in a circle - your actions will lead you to a dead end. Running on the spot - your indecision will be the cause of the difficulties that you will face in the near future. Stumbling while running - your mindless actions will lead to monetary losses.

Concentrate on the fact that the purpose of your run was to follow the instructions of the general under whose command you serve (see General).

Sleep prediction Run

by Intimate dream book
The dream in which you run in the crowd is good: it promises a fun holiday and success in love. If you stumbled and fell, in this case, loneliness and loss of a good name await you due to a connection that discredits you. If in a dream you run away from someone - be afraid of loss.

Why dream Run

by Dream interpretation for bitches
Running - fun, celebration, luck and good events.

Stumbling and falling - failures and troubles in the service.

Running alone is to win the championship on the way to a career.

Run away from something - losses, worries and unsuccessful attempts to get things right.

To see in a dream Run

by American dream book
Jogging means movement and shaking.

Do you need to jog to improve your health? Do you feel like you are running in place and cannot achieve anything in life?

Do you need a reminder or do you want to escape from memories?

Sleep prediction Run

by Freud's dream book
Running is a symbol of sexual intercourse.

If running in a dream gives you pleasure, then you are quite healthy and in good physical and sexual shape.

If you are exhausted from running or have to run in bad weather, then you are annoyed and depressed by having sex with your regular partner. Although you may not yet be aware of this circumstance, you are already looking for a new sexual partner for yourself.

Why dream Run

by English dream book
To dream that you are participating in running competitions predicts the defeat of your opponent, as well as success in business. You will win the feelings of the one you love so dearly, and you do not need to be afraid of a rival: you will marry and be happy.

Sleep prediction Run

by Noble dream book
Running in a dream - it is necessary to avoid danger / one-time work / it is necessary to hurry up / dissatisfaction with oneself and reproaches of conscience.

Running very fast - fun and excess of strength.

Running and falling - a lot of work. < br>
Running starts - failure at the very beginning.

Running and not being able to stop - you will have to put in a lot of work, make great efforts.

Run after someone until tired loss of money.

To overcome something - to gain great confidence.

A woman to run away from a man is love.

To see in a dream Run

by Family dream book
(See interpretation: competition)

A dream in which you yourself run, not knowing where, means loss and poverty. If a rich man sees in a dream that he has run to a place, then ruin and early death awaits him. If in a dream you ran and were tired, then monetary losses and disappointments await you. See the interpretation: the goal.

However, if you participate in the competition and come to the finish line first, then success in business, profit and good news awaits you. Running in a dream with other people is a sign of imminent success in business. Running away from someone or something in a dream is a sign that you will be able to avoid great danger. A dream in which you see people running predicts important news for you. If in your dream people are trying to escape and run away, then a lot of grief and disappointment awaits you. If in a dream you want to run and cannot move, then you have to endure many difficult trials in life, your affairs will stagnate for a long time, your desires and ambitions will never come true. If in a dream you are in a hurry to run somewhere and safely reach the place, then great success awaits you in a well-planned business. Running after someone in a dream and catching up with a person or an animal is a sign of great luck and unexpected joy. See the interpretation: animal, hunting.

If in a dream you see a familiar person who is running towards you, then expect to receive news of the sudden death of this person. People running in a dream are a harbinger of disorder and confusion. See the interpretation: the crowd.

Seeing in a dream how two running people collided predicts many problems, squabbles and strife that you will have to face. However, if the encounters were children, then the dream is very favorable and promises you a lot of good and joyful feelings, pleasant weather and a meeting with nice people. However, if the children had sticks in their hands, then do not expect peace and good luck. Such a dream can mean a quarrel, disagreement, civil strife, and even a civil war or revolution. See the interpretation: children.

Chasing your enemy in a dream and grabbing him means that your affairs will go more successfully than you expect. Chasing someone in a dream and not catching is a bad dream. He warns you that you are overconfident and do not trust anyone. However, this time you should heed a friend's advice - otherwise, you will greatly regret your stubbornness. If in a dream you run away from your pursuers, then the dream tells you that you should not sit back and wait for the weather by the sea. You need to tighten up and try to find a way out of the predicament in which you find yourself. It will not be easy because you will have to resist the temptation and give up the pleasures you are used to. See the interpretation: bandit, police, car.

A dream in which you run up the stairs means that you will be able to avoid danger and successfully pull off a risky business. If in a dream you run up and down stairs, then a lot of work and difficulties await you. Lookread the interpretation: staircase.

A dream in which you run and fall is a sign of resentment, failure and grief. Stumbling while running is a harbinger of failures that will occur due to an unfortunate mistake or misunderstanding. Running barefoot in a dream - to poverty and failure in business. See the interpretation: shoes, calluses.

Seeing a running wild animal in a dream is a harbinger of imminent wealth and well-being, which you will achieve thanks to your dexterity and dexterity.

Why dream Run

by Dream interpretation Veles
Good // loss, poverty, difficulties, ailments; quickly - unexpected happiness; barefoot - poverty; running people - getting money // quarrel; children are joy; to run - the plan will be fulfilled; catching up with someone - there will be happiness; overtake someone - you will outlive him; run on the spot or no one knows where - money spending; to fatigue - losses; for game and catching it is an unexpected joy; escape - safety // dangerous road; to run after the enemy - victory, profit.