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To see in a dream Beef

by English dream book
If you eat beef in a dream, it means. You are destined to live your whole life in prosperity, although at the same time you may not be a rich man, and if in a dream you see a piece of beef and you do not have the strength to eat it, then you will have to depend on someone's good deed.

Sleep prediction Beef

by Miller's dream book
Raw bloody beef in a dream most often portends a serious illness. Possible falls, cuts, and other injuries. If in a dream you eat well-cooked meat, this means that someone will give you generous support. This dream also speaks of agreement with loved ones, about the good course of your affairs.

It is especially important in this case if you see yourself at the table in a pleasant environment and beautiful surroundings.

In all other forms of this sleep lurks a warning against possible troubles.

Why dream Beef

by Dream interpretation alphabetically
Seeing beef in a dream is to wake up a reckless and, moreover, evil act if it is frozen. Fresh beef - to a serious lingering illness or long-lasting injuries.

Cooking beef in a dream is a sign of agreement with loved ones and well-being at work. Eating cooked beef - get support and empathy. Treating guests to beef is a harbinger of good business relationships. Gnawing beef cartilage or sucking bones - to a latent disease.

To see in a dream Beef

by Dream interpretation "Food"
Seeing raw beef in a dream is to receive unexpected information that will make you drastically change your mind on some issues. Seeing or eating a dish of beef - you will be unexpectedly initiated into someone's secret.

Sleep prediction Beef

by Psychological dream book
Raw beef dreams of unexpected information that will force you to dramatically change your mind on a certain issue. In addition, raw, bloody beef seen in a dream can portend a serious illness. Falls, cuts and other injuries are possible.

Eating a dish of beef in a dream - you will be privy to someone else's secret.

If the meat was very tasty cooked - someone will give you generous support. Sleep promises consent with loved ones, a prosperous course of affairs.

It is especially good if you see yourself at the table in a beautiful setting and pleasant surroundings. All other forms of this dream are fraught with a warning about possible troubles.

To see in a dream Beef

by Rommel's dream book
Seeing or eating raw beef in a dream is a bad omen.

This is a sign of illness, an unpleasant incident, loss, or a symbol of a rude and evil deed that you will commit.

There is a beautifully cooked dish of beef - to be privy to someone's secret or get the support of influential people.