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To see in a dream Swamp

by Dream interpretation for women
This is a kind of warning, which suggests that recently you have become too lack of initiative, inert, in general, go with the flow. Nothing more or less significant happens in your life, for which you stubbornly continue to blame only the villainous fate.

If you dreamed that you were drowning in a swamp, then you did not have time to think. And the point is not at all that monotony, like a swamp, draws you in. Apparently, a wonderful opportunity passes by you, a chance that not everyone gets, but at this time you are lying in front of the TV, thinking whether to reach out to grab luck by the tail, or still not be distracted from your favorite show.

Why dream Swamp

by Psychological dream book
Walking through a swamp in a dream means that soon you will have unfavorable circumstances: the expected inheritance will be illusory, and disappointment will befall in matters of the heart.

If you find yourself in the middle of a swamp - know that you will not be able to fulfill your promises. If you saw other people in the swamp, your loved ones will soon grieve you. This dream can also portend illness.

In general, if you dreamed about a swamp, then in real life you are building a relationship with a completely wrong person. They drag you in and you lack the strength to resist your partner's persistence. And in vain do you think that you will not be able to find anyone else. You should not follow the proverb about cancer without fish, otherwise you will spend your whole life with the wrong person.

Nostradamus believed that the dream in which you walk through the swamp dreams of an unexpected obstacle in solving personal problems.

Drowning in a swamp - you will experience a strong shock caused by the betrayal of your friends.

A dream in which you help someone to get out of the quagmire indicates your untapped opportunities.

Swamp, covered with ice means the fragility of the world around you.

To see in a dream Swamp

by Rommel's dream book
To see a swamp in a dream, to walk through a swamp is a bad dream, it symbolizes great difficulties, troubles, reservation, poverty, disappointment in business or in love, obstacles.

Getting stuck in a swamp means becoming a victim of deception or falling into the network of an unworthy human.

Splashes from the swamp - a disease.

Bumps with water - alien squabbles.

Green bumps and islands of clean water - you can still keep your luck.

However, sometimes it means troubles associated with marriage or cohabitation.

Some people in the swamp - to the chagrin of relatives.

Why dream Swamp

by Dream interpretation interpreter of dreams
There will be great confusion in your affairs; drowning in a swamp - you will be dragged into a bad business; to see a loved one in a swamp - to a lack of money. Transition - doing tedious but necessary work. Marsh grass - have an affair on the side.

To see in a dream Swamp

by Dream Interpretation Maya
A tree grows in the middle of the swamp - now is the best time to start your own business or gain independence. You are full of strength and energy! And in order to attract success to yourself, draw a symbol of a tree on your hand with the help of coal, and do not wash it off until it is smeared.

The entire shore of the swamp is in reeds - your strength leaves you! Your immunity is weakened, you can get sick and fall out of your life for a very long time. Be vigilant and attentive! Take vitamins and try to get as much sleep as possible. Find swamp water and wash your face daily before bed for a week. And don't cut your nails for the next week.

Why dream Swamp

by Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov
The dream portends poverty and great work. Walking in a swamp is an awkward situation in which you put yourself, will bring financial difficulties. Wading through the bog - your feelings and nerves are strained to the limit, the events of the last days can be disastrous for your plans. Drowning in a swamp - the cause of your problems will be the betrayal of a friend whom you have infinitely trusted.

Imagine that a swamp turns into a lake, and a lake turns into an ocean (see Ocean). You can also imagine that the swamp dries up completely.

To see in a dream Swamp

by Intimate dream book
A dreamed swamp means the burden of an unsuccessful relationship or marriage, under the weight of which you feel that any attempts to escape are useless. You may be depressed or sexually frustrated.

Why dream Swamp

by Dream interpretation Veles
You will cry, trouble will happen to you, poverty, a lot of work, trouble; rotten swamp - wealth; get bogged down - deception; sinking is a failure, a big mistake, a dangerous business; to walk a swamp path - an obstacle in business, slander, gossip; a swamp will arise in the place of a field - there will be hunger, a relative will die; walk in a swampy swamp - wait for illness, other people's troubles; fall - trouble.

To see in a dream Swamp

by Big dream book
To dream of a swamp and know that you can get to the right place only by overcoming this swamp, since you have no other road, you have to make an important decision: either pan or disappear.

Sleep prediction Rotten

by Family dream book
Rotten in a dream - fruits, vegetables, food, wood - a sign that your situation, especially financial, will change for the worse.

But if in a dream you see a rotten tree overgrown with moss, which easily crumbles in your hands or under your feet, it is a sign that you should take care of your health.

Why dream Swamp

by Dream interpretation of men
Disorder in business. To deliberately enter the swamp is to get into an unpleasant story in which a woman is involved. If you deliberately enter the swamp, but at the same time the feeling of fear does not leave you, it means that it is in your power to do everything so that troubles pass you by.

Trying to get out of the swamp is a heavy burden from which you can't get rid of it. If you get out of the swamp in a dream, then in reality you will be able to get out of the predicament with the least losses.

Floundering in a swamp and seeing some solid objects on its surface means problems with your partner. You feel that the time has come for a change, but you just can't decide on anything.

Drowning in a swamp is an unforeseen dangerous business. If the dream scares you so much that you wake up in the middle of the night, then this means that in reality you have a chance to avoid danger.