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To see in a dream Rub

by Dream interpretation alphabetically
If you rub yourself with alcohol in a dream, this promises an increase in income and luck in everything. Rubbing with cosmetic cream portends a meeting with your betrothed, healing ointment - you will succeed even in the most unfavorable conditions thanks to your ability to get along with people.

Rubbing your hands with petroleum jelly - to the deceased in your house. Rub yourself with a tanning agent - you will be adequately accepted in a new society for you, with a mosquito repellent - you will do household chores and raising children.

Sleep prediction Glasses

by Dream interpretation for girls
Wearing glasses in a dream - someone will bother you.

If a girl dreams of her chosen one wearing glasses, a break is inevitable.

If a girl dreams of a friend wearing sunglasses, this acquaintance will try to deceive her in reality .

Hang a sign on the door: "No entry with glasses", and let everyone who sees poorly greet you, watch TV, eat (after all, you will treat guests?) by touch.

Why dream Glasses

by Love dream book
A dream about broken glasses means that because of separation from your beloved you will seek solace in dubious pleasures.

If a girl dreams of protective glasses, this means that she should not listen to the advice of deceitful people, otherwise she risks being deceived in her best feelings.

A girl or woman who dreamed that her beloved was wearing glasses, would quarrel in reality or part with him.

Sleep prediction Glasses

by Dream interpretation alphabetically
Seeing glasses in a dream portends that, in a frivolous pursuit of entertainment, miss the moment thanks to which you could ensure a quick take-off of your career.

Wearing glasses in a dream portends all benefits that will affect not only you personally, but your nearest relatives.

Buying glasses - in real life you will be surrounded by honors, the right to which you yourself will doubt and feel uncomfortable in such a position.

Losing glasses means that you do not fully appreciate that that you have, and do not fully use the opportunities provided to you to create your happiness.

Breaking glasses portends troubles that can be avoided if you overcome your confusion in time and begin to act decisively and energetically.

Sunglasses are a sign of future business prosperity. Glasses with gold rims portend an unexpected and strange incident that will make you doubt the loyalty of your husband or lover.

Reading in a dream with glasses - get a false idea about the person you are about to meet, but the meeting will put everything in its place ... Seeing someone with glasses that are not in harmony with this person's face - your feeling will find a response in the heart of the desired man.

Why dream Glasses

by Psychoanalytic dream book
Denial of deviation from the previously chosen path.

The desire to hide the person due to the fact that the glasses are a part of the mask.

Defenselessness, because the loss of glasses leads to blindness.

Why dream Glasses

by Dream interpretation of the XXI century
Looking through glasses - distrust a friend or friend.

Wearing glasses is a nuisance if you don't wear them.

Reading with glasses - you can be unfairly accused of something if they you do not wear it.

Broken glasses - to tears.

Broken frame of glasses - symbolizes confusion in the family cracked - your family problems are difficult to solve.

A whole frame of glasses - your family influence very high.

Putting contact lenses into your eyes for a person who does not wear them is a sign of upcoming failures, serious mistakes and failures.

Drop or lose contact lenses - all your failures are a consequence your indecision and sluggishness.

Why dream Glasses

by Modern dream book
Glasses in a dream portend a change that will be caused by people hitherto unknown to you. Beware of misusing your trust. Wearing glasses in a dream - to painful communication with an obsessive person. If a girl dreams of her chosen one wearing glasses, a quarrel or break is inevitable.