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Sleep prediction Roses

by Dream interpretation Hasse
Blossoming - joy and happiness; rip off - a quick marriage; receive as a gift - true love; with large thorns - trouble and fear; yellow roses - treason and fear; white is a happy choice of a couple; fading - habits will change

Why dream Roses

by English dream book
Seeing blooming roses in a dream is a sign of happiness, prosperity and long life. If the roses are large and fragrant, then this dream promises a young man an intelligent and benevolent friend; a marriage worthy and happy awaits them. This is a good dream for merchants and in general for everyone, because it portends great success! If you see withered roses - this dream promises trouble or poverty, from which, however, you can quickly get out, showing some ingenuity.

Sleep prediction Roses

by Dream interpretation of men
They portend a joyful event in your life or in the life of your chosen one.

If you dreamed that you were giving roses to some woman, then you should take a closer look at her, probably, it is with her that you will have a long relationship, of a business or personal nature.

Giving a woman red roses - love will bind you, or it serves as proof that she is worthy of your love.

White roses, especially slightly wilted, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays symbolize the illness of one of your relatives.

Withered roses of a different color mean that your love will soon pass.

Seeing in a dream a whole rose bush with blossoming flowers is a promise to replenish your family, someone new will appear in it.

If the roses are scarlet, then this addition will be welcome and will bring a lot of joy in the future.

If the roses on the bush have dried up, died, then someone in your family will die or become seriously ill.

To see in a dream Roses

by Unnamed dream book
To see blooming in their home portends happiness and joy to the healthy, and death to the sick.

Seeing roses in a dream at an extraordinary time has a completely opposite meaning.

Seeing scarlet roses signifies great joy and good news.

Why dream Roses

by Modern dream book
Blooming and fragrant roses portend the approach of some kind of joyful event and the loyalty of your chosen one. Withered roses are a symbol of loneliness and sadness. If you see in a dream a rose bush that has not yet blossomed, material well-being awaits you. A bright bush of scarlet roses means the hopes of your family members come true. A dried rose bush can portend illness of people close to you or other sad events.

To see in a dream Flower

by Free dream book
It symbolizes the possibility of a fetus, but in reality it is not a fruit.

Indicates feminine charm and attractiveness with a hint of genital eroticism, which is actually absent.

Means false femininity, and therefore leads to negative consequences.

Sleep prediction Flower

by Dream Interpretation Maya
If you dreamed that you were growing flowers, in the near future the gods will help you. Bring them a small sacrifice in gratitude - light a fire at midnight and throw petals of various flowers into it.

If you dreamed that you were picking flowers, then in the near future your children may have problems. To prevent this from happening, give each child a flower.

Why dream Flower

by Gypsy dream book
A symbol of hope, especially in love relationships.

Orange flowers - there will be peace and tranquility, but it will not last long.

Wreath, a garland of flowers - happy love.