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To see in a dream Meat

by Dream interpretation alphabetically
Buying fresh steamed meat in a dream portends the joy of success.

Ice cream meat in the store - you will lose something very valuable to you.

Putting meat in the refrigerator or getting it out of there - you will benefit from an unpleasant situation.

Cutting meat - to the successful completion of the business you have begun, to scroll through a meat grinder - to a serious illness, to beat off meat - to trouble on work or play.

Cooking meat with spices is a loss-making business and a waste of money. Frying meat - to a useless conversation, cooking - you will receive a letter from afar, stewing - by hard work you will achieve financial independence.

Baking meat in the oven is a sign of joy and pleasure from communicating with friends. To smoke meat products - to small income.

Pork in a dream means an upset stomach.

Bacon - dissatisfaction with oneself and others.

Ham - the return of wealthy relatives. Cooking goulash in a dream is a dissolute life, casual love affairs.

Eating meat delicacies in a dream portends a business that will bring the desired well-being.

Making sausage in a dream is a good deal, eating it is happiness and contentment in the house.

Cooking sausages or small sausages - funny and unexpected events await you, cutlets - you will find happiness in marriage.

Salting meat or eating corned beef - problems with debts.

Lamb in a dream portends success in everything, a ram's head - profit.

Camel meat foreshadows illness, crows - troubles, wolfs - well-being.

Dreaming of beef means help from friends who will turn away from committing a reckless act.

Pigeon meat foreshadows longing and boredom in the company of senile old maids.

The goose that you eat in a dream - to doubts about your own strengths in case of failure in business.

Game meat means that you will be happy with your fate by marrying a person you love.

Horse meat is a sign of despair and extreme courage.

Eagle meat, if you dreamed of one, testifies to the great strength of your character, which will help you withstand any life test, and even move mountains in business.

There is quail meat in a dream - to useless expenses.

Seeing pork in a dream is a bad omen, beware of committing an evil act, fraught with many complications and troubles for you.

Cooking jellied meat from a pork head portends an early departure and goodbye to friends.

Human meat in a dream means well-being in old age.

Being in a dream in a butcher's shop or seeing meat rows in the market is a sign of a bloody affair or a serious illness.

Seeing rotten meat - to trouble in relations with the authorities.

A butcher seen in a dream with a bloody ax is a harbinger of trouble and damage.

A meat cutter in a store - to a protracted lack of money and heavy losses.

Why dream Meat

by Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov
Raw - to disease.

Buying is an occupational disease.

Gentle, soft - a fatal disease.

With fatty layers - exacerbation of a chronic disease.

Rotten - a day of increased injury.

Butchering a carcass is a sign of a long illness of someone close.

Twisting meat in a meat grinder - to a nervous breakdown.

Ice cream meat is a sign of a painful break with a loved one or a good friend.

Cooked - for pleasure and wealth.

There are - your ideas will be realized.

Cutting off for someone - a close friend needs your patronage. Cutting off for yourself is a success in trading.

Serve to the table - you will make a profit without much effort.

Fried - you will receive an offer to spend the weekend in a pleasant company by the sea.

Game meat - happy moments of relaxation with the family.

Pig meat - to the recognition of colleagues.

Beef meat - for promotion.

Lamb meat - for sensual love.

Frying cutlets - for a festive feast.

There is a stew - you will have rich relatives.

Cooking boiled pork - you have every chance to get a significant increase in your salary.

Frying a barbecue - for the implementation of short-term plans.

Imagine that you are frying meat on an open fire (for example, in a fireplace).

To see in a dream Meat

by Unnamed dream book
Anything raw means joy and pleasure.

Boiled meat means benefit and profit, coupled with some labor.

Raw meat portends damage to the estate, and sometimes the death of someone from the household.

Eating spoiled meat foreshadows grief and annoyance.