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Sleep prediction Wife

by Dream interpretation of the XXI century
To see a smartly dressed wife - to troubles.

Rags on a wife - to worries.

To see a sick wife - to get pleasure.

To see a beautiful wife - to a family quarrel. < br>
To see a pregnant wife - fortunately.

Beating a wife in a dream - to her well-being.

Caressing a wife, hugging - to anger or great luck.

Why dream Wife

by Egyptian dream book
To beat a wife is infidelity.

Subordinates is obedience.

Unknowns is an unknown villain, and to beat yourself is a road.

To be beaten from subordinates or the dead is illness, loss, mourning ...

To see in a dream Wife

by English dream book
If a man sees his wife in a dream, the dream warns him of his wife's illness, from which she will recover pretty soon. If a woman sees herself as the wife of a stranger, a dream portends that she will never be alone.

Why dream Wife

by Dream interpretation for women
If in a dream you saw yourself as a wife, then this means that you will have to return to unfinished business, which will require a lot of trouble from you. A quarrel with relatives is possible. If you see yourself as a wife, and even with a pockmarked face, this is a good sign. A dream portends you benefits, as well as receiving a large amount of money.

If in a dream the role of a wife pleases you, then in reality you can carry out any risky activities, success is guaranteed to you.

If you see yourself constantly conflicting with her husband, in reality this will lead to actions that will cause criticism from all household members. A dream also portends chaos that will fill your life.

To see in a dream Wife

by Dream interpretation alphabetically
A dream in which you see your husband making love to another man's wife naturally gives you a reason for suspicion and, as a result, portends sooner or later a major showdown to find out the true state of affairs. Seeing or meeting someone else's wife in your house portends a family scandal.

Seeing in a dream that someone else's wife is unusually friendly with your spouse means that soon you will receive a decent amount of money from your husband, but you will never get it from him what source they came from. If in a dream someone else's wife accuses you of having a love affair with her husband and publicly insults you, this predicts that the husband will have a reason to accuse you of poorly performing his domestic and marital duties.

For a young girl to see herself in a dream as a wife portends a happy marriage with an ideal, in her opinion, a man and wonderful, healthy children. If a husband in a dream puts other wives as an example for you, this is a sign that you, not wanting to hear such statements in reality, will do everything to get rid of your own shortcomings and thus receive well-deserved compliments in the family.

Sleep prediction Wife

by Dream Interpretation Maya
If you dreamed that your wife goes to bed, then you have (will) a strong and good family. So that no problems arise, drink coffee from one cup in the morning.

If you dreamed that your wife was cooking, then soon you will have indigestion. To avoid this, swallow a few black peppercorns before the next meal.

To see in a dream Wife

by Dream interpretation of the twentieth century
To the husband to see his wife: most often it means a reminder of unfinished business or accumulated problems.

Affectionate, happy wife: a sign that your affairs promise to go up the hill in the near future.

Marital infidelity or jealousy in a dream: - are a warning that a lack of attention on your part can negatively affect your relationships in life.

If you do not have hobbies on the side, then cheating in a dream: - can symbolize your excessive employment business or time spent on friends.

Beating your wife or quarreling noisily with her: a sign that your nervous tension has subsided, so that in reality you will not face serious conflicts.

Sleep prediction Wife

by Esoteric dream book
Wife (the one in reality) - Good luck and help. Quarreling with your wife - to improve relations. Sick - get a job well. She died - she will be healthy. Give birth - help in business. Sleeping with her is pleasant thoughts and love. Kissing - to a quarrel.

Why dream Wife

by Noble dream book
To see a wife in a dream - to quarrel with her / deception.

Beating her - to something good, but only for her.

To see a pregnant wife - fortunately.

Sick - to deception.

Old - to trouble.

Caress her, hug - or anger, or great failure.

Dumb to see - the news of someone's death.

Selling a wife is a quarrel

To see in a dream Wife

by Dream interpretation of men
If you see your spouse in a dream, you will probably soon experience disappointment at work. It is possible that family discord will completely deprive you of the desire to engage in professional activities. But if your wife smiles in a dream, the crisis will not last long, and you will safely solve all your problems.