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To see in a dream Church

by Dream interpretation of Wangi
The appearance of this symbol in a dream indicates despair, spiritual cleansing, and repentance.

Seeing yourself entering the church is a sign that in real life your actions are dictated by personal selfishness and unwillingness to take into account the people around you. This dream is a warning that it is time for you to change your life and repent of your sins.

Being present in a church at a service in a dream means that in reality you can count on the love and respect of the people around you.

The dream in which you saw an empty church with boarded up doors foreshadows life changes for the worse, longing and hopelessness.

In a dream, you are standing in a destroyed church and trying to put a candle in a candlestick - this dream means that in real life you will contribute to spiritual rebirth and renewal.

You enter the church during the service. It is very crowded, as a large number of people gathered under its dome. People kneel and pray. You lift your head up and see, instead of a dome, a sky dotted with stars, among which a bright red moon floats. The closer this month gets, the stronger you feel fear, it seems, a little more, and it will fall from a height right on the head of the praying people - this dream is a harbinger of a cruel, bloody religious conflict. Most likely, you will become a witness, not a participant.

To see in a dream how you help restore an old church is a sign that in reality all old grievances will be forgotten, and you will be able to restore your old relationship with a loved one.

Sleep prediction Church

by Dream interpretation alphabetically
The church seen in a dream portends disappointment. Being in church - taking part in the funeral, bad times will come. Praying in church is happiness in all matters. Approaching the altar and kneeling down is a valuable find. Seeing yourself as a beggar on the church porch - in reality you will engage in charitable activities.

Confessing in the church portends consolation and joy, talking with a priest - friends will keep you from taking a rash step. Leaving church is a relief.

Why dream Church

by Miller's dream book
To see a church in the distance in a dream means disappointment in the events so long awaited.

Entering a church immersed in darkness is a sign that you will have to take part in the funeral. It also portends dim prospects and a long wait for better times.

Sleep prediction Church

by Dream interpretation of Nostradamus
The church is a symbol of cultural prosperity, spirituality, purity.

To see in a dream a snow-white church with golden domes - foreshadows the cultural flourishing of the country, its moral and spiritual foundations, universal unity.

The dream in which you saw a destroyed church means illness and moral suffering.

If in a dream you are present at a church service, then in real life you will feel remorse.

Building a church in a dream - your striving for knowledge will be rewarded a hundredfold.

To see in a dream a church entwined with a snake is a bad sign. This is a threat to humanity, since all human values ​​will be destroyed by evil.

If in a dream you saw a castle on the church - be careful! Your isolation and tendency to loneliness can alienate someone close and dear to you.

A dream in which you saw a church on fire foreshadows enmity between generations and the collapse of the general world order.

Why dream Church

by Unnamed dream book
To create signifies happiness and well-being to the highest degree.

To enter church means charity and honest behavior.

Praying to God in church means comfort and joy.

Talking in church signifies discipline crimes and worthy punishment for that.

Sitting or lying in the church means a change in the kind of life.

Why dream Church

by Dream interpretation of the XXI century
To awakening conscience, avoiding danger and patience.

A beautifully decorated church in a dream - this is for fun and safety.

A high church in a dream - to a respectful attitude.

A burning church in a dream - to hard times.

An abandoned church in a dream - a rejection of great truths.

Entering a church in a dream - you have good prerequisites for the implementation of your plans.

To be present in the cathedral during divine services - a sign of success in your good endeavor.

A man in prison dreams of a church - he will soon be released.

The abbot of the monastery dreamed of - the atmosphere around you thickens, the situation may shake.

The abbess of the monastery, you see, is a cruel test for a young woman, she must gather all her strength to withstand.

The abbess of the monastery smiles at you in a dream - a symbol of the reliability of your friends.

To see in a dream Church

by Rommel's dream book
To build a church in a dream is to get wealth in reality.

To see a church in the distance is to be disappointed in what they really hoped for.

Go to church is to be annoyed because of obstacles in business.
< br> To stand in front of the entrance and not to enter - to an unexpected trip.

To enter a church - to suffer from repentance, to suffer from remorse.

To stand in a beautiful and brightly lit church - to honor and prosperity.

In an empty and semi-illuminated - for funeral.

Praying in a church - fortunately in all endeavors, God's blessing (for believers).

Outside, to see the church close - to good luck in the affairs of a man and a marriage proposal for a woman.

Why dream Church

by Dream interpretation alphabetically
To dream of a farny church open to parishioners means that your hot temper and the desire to assert your own importance in the eyes of others in any way will serve you in disservice in gaining authority. Seeing believers praying in a church - you will achieve a lot in life if you listen more to the advice and opinions of wise and judicious people from your environment. Hearing the ringing of bells in the church means disappointment in the events so long awaited. Wandering around an empty church means that you will soon have to help organize the funeral of a good friend.