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Why dream To crush

by Dream interpretation alphabetically
If in a dream you were driving a car and crushed someone on the road, then in reality you will fail. To crush bedbugs in a dream and see that instead of blood water comes out of them, sleep means a mild malaise or an accident with quickly passing consequences. Crushing a tick on yourself is a sign of disastrous circumstances and poor health. You may need to be on duty at the patient's bedside. To crush fleas in a dream - to minor troubles, bugs - a benefit in business.

To fall into an incredible crush at rush hour in a dream - in reality, become a victim of a street incident, which, however, will end more or less well for you.

Why dream Brushwood

by Universal dream book
If you step on burning brushwood without getting burned, you are in for great luck. If in a dream they are going to burn you and the brushwood is already stacked at the pillar, a loss awaits you.