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To see in a dream Running

by Dream interpretation alphabetically
Watching horse races at the racetrack portends unexpected success. Taking part in the races is a happy change in life, the place taken in the competition, that is, which horse will come to the finish line, can mean years before the main success in life.

Seeing a jockey or talking to him - you can receive an unexpected gift, for a girl this can portend marriage with a man of her circle, a quick achievement of her goal. To play the role of a jockey is to look like an anemone in the eyes of others. Riding a running chariot is an opportunity. Falling from it is displacement from high posts.

To see in a dream Horse racing, running

by Rommel's dream book
Attending the race is an unexpected success.

Being a jockey and participating in the races is anxiety about the careless act that you have committed.

Also, the number of the seat that you and your horse taken in a race, it can also mean the number of years separating you from being successful at anything.