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To see in a dream Rusk

by Dream interpretation of the twentieth century
They symbolize your restraint and patience.

Seeing fragrant and mouth-watering croutons in your dream: a good sign, suggesting that by showing patience and diligence, you can eventually strengthen your well-being.

At the same time, dry crusts or nondescript, moldy rusks: portends difficult times. Such a dream suggests that failures can harden you, and hardening, in turn, will alienate friends from you and provide new failures.

To avoid such a development of the situation, try not to lose warmth and not spare it for those close to you people.

Why dream Rusks

by Esoteric dream book
Rusks - Dry - for a long journey. Gnawing - you have to think, a difficult situation. To roll something in breadcrumbs - to make life difficult for yourself with far-fetched problems.

Sleep prediction Rusks

by Ancient dream book
Folk wisdom says: "Good and dry bread for health, but evil and meat is not for the future." If you saw a biscuit in a dream, then you should not panic and stock up. In any case, hunger does not threaten you. Perhaps this symbol is associated with your excessive callousness or isolation.

Of course, you know the expression: "Dry crackers." Apparently, the subconscious has sent you this image, because you suspect that you have committed some illegal act, which may be followed by punishment.

Drying crackers in a dream - to repent and feel guilty for an unseemly act. Perhaps such a dream portends serious difficulties in business.

Soaking crackers - to console yourself, to convince you of the insignificance of the perfect.

If in a dream you gnaw a biscuit - in reality you can count on a solid monetary profit. < br>
To see in a dream how you break crackers - to a quarrel and unfair accusations.

A dream in which you see a plate of breadcrumbs on your table warns you that you need to cut expenses. Excess can seriously empty your wallet.

If in a dream someone treats you to breadcrumbs - in reality you should be wary of the perfidy of a person close to you.

Feeding birds with breadcrumbs in a dream is evidence that in soon you will receive news from afar.

A dream in which you saw people close to you eat crackers means that your callousness and indifference in the future will affect your relationships with others.

Burnt crackers - warn you that someone will try to deceive you or involve you in an ugly story.