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Sleep prediction Rotten

by Family dream book
Rotten in a dream - fruits, vegetables, food, wood - a sign that your situation, especially financial, will change for the worse.

But if in a dream you see a rotten tree overgrown with moss, which easily crumbles in your hands or under your feet, it is a sign that you should take care of your health.

Why dream Tooth

by Freud's dream book
Everything connected with teeth symbolizes masturbation, masturbation and fear of punishment for these activities or their announcement.

Toothache, unless you actually have a toothache, symbolizes your desire for self-satisfaction.

Pulling out or falling out of teeth symbolizes fear of castration as a punishment for engaging in masturbation.

If you loosen your tooth in order for it to fall out sooner, then you prefer to indulge in self-gratification than to have sexual intercourse with members of the opposite sex.

Healthy teeth symbolize your envy for the harmonious sexual relations of your friends.

For women, teeth are often a symbol of children.

To see in a dream Tooth

by Astrological dream book
Good teeth - good health.

Rotten teeth to disease.

Caries - some kind of disease latently ripens in you.

Teeth also symbolize relatives and ancestors.

To lose a tooth or teeth - someone will become terribly ill and, most likely, will die.

If you do not have teeth, then it concerns you or your close relatives.

Melancholy, depression , loss.

Why dream Tooth

by Dream interpretation Veles
If it falls out itself - death, illness; if you often dream of this, your children are short-lived; without blood - a relative will die (distant relative), which of men; with blood - disease, the child will die, a close relative; top front - death of a man in the family; lower front - death of a close relative; lateral - death of a distant relative; on the left - close relatives; on the right - distant relatives; to pull out - you will die yourself, you will be ill, your friend will die, rupture; broke down - a faithful friend will die; teeth in general - talk, gossip; molars - parents will die, man; incisors - children; fangs - brothers and sisters; white to have - health, good luck; beautiful, strong - joy; knocked out - failure; to clean - a welcome guest // to lend money; a new tooth grows - wait for the child, you will clarify the misunderstandings; stagger - illness; black, empty - success in business // avoid misfortunes, quarrel, illness; to be toothless is a loss; toothache - wait for the guest (if you sleep in the morning) // whoever else will die (if you sleep in the evening), illness; insert - profit; artificial - cheating in love; wax teeth - death; to insert teeth is profit.

To see in a dream Tooth

by Ancient dream book
Teeth usually symbolize health and vitality. In the east, a person's age was determined by the condition of the teeth. In ancient tribes, a person could not go to the valley of death as long as he had strong and healthy teeth.

This symbol has several meanings and is interpreted depending on its appearance in dreams.

Sometimes teeth are perceived as a symbol of cruelty and pain. People say about such a person: “Don't fall for him with a hungry tooth.”

About an annoying guest, the people say: “He's thrust into my teeth.”

So, if you saw or felt in a dream that someone bites you painfully - this means that someone will cause you severe mental pain.

Seeing how your tooth grows in a dream is a sign of your wisdom, which will allow you to cope with many life's difficulties.

A dream in which you saw rotten teeth means illness.

If you lost a tooth in a dream, this is a sign of unfulfilled hopes and promises.
< br> To see artificial teeth in a dream means that in reality you too often rely on someone else's opinion. This can cause the collapse of your personal plans.

If you saw in a dream how a bad tooth is being removed, it means that in reality you will finally make a difficult, but very important choice for you.

A dream in which you are trying to dodge someone's sharp teeth means that the person you consider your friend is preparing a trap for you. People say: "They drowned the pike, but the teeth remained."

Sleep prediction Teeth

by Dream interpretation Feng Shui
If you count your teeth in a dream, someone will invade your life.

If you count someone else's teeth in a dream, you can defeat your enemies.

Your teeth fall out - to a quarrel with people.

If you easily pulled out a tooth - to an early purchase of land.

A woman sees how she took out a tooth from her mouth - to wealth.

A merchant pulled out a tooth - to great profits in business .

A peasant pulled out a tooth - to a rich harvest.

If teeth hurt in a dream - to wealth.

Why dream Teeth

by Dream interpretation of the Canaanite
Teeth - white - health - black - disease - fell out - death - have artificial - fake love - tear out - break off relations with an annoying person - seal - order your affairs - fall out, easily loose - death in the family - very bad - illness - clean- to work for others - to insert new ones - a dubious thing will be found out - beautiful - health, offspring - gold - wealth.

To see in a dream Teeth

by English dream book
To see in a dream a man with white correct teeth is a sign that you will meet a beautiful girl whom you will marry. If you yourself have very bad teeth, a dream portends you an illness. If a tooth falls out in a dream, this is the loss of a friend or relative; if all the teeth fall out, this is a harbinger of illness or trouble. If you have a toothache in a dream, this is a dream with the opposite meaning, meaning that joy and pleasure await you. If a healthy tooth is drilled for you in a dream, this means a move, and for families - an increase in the family.

Sleep prediction Teeth

by Rommel's dream book
Clean, white, beautiful teeth dream as a symbol of health, good luck.

Sick, flawed teeth - to all sorts of misfortunes.

To pull out a tooth - get rid of annoying acquaintance.

To brush teeth or buying toothpaste - to the appearance of long-awaited guests.

If a tooth or teeth fall out, it means the death of a friend or relative.

Knocked out teeth - to failure.

Insert - to profit.

Spitting out teeth - to the threat of illness.

Seeing artificial teeth in your mouth - to falsehood in a love relationship.

If the enemy removes your tooth, this is a difficult dream disease.

To push teeth out of the mouth with the tongue - to self-justification and happy deliverance from slander.

Gold teeth in the mouth - a good dream for those people who earn their living by public speaking.

Why dream Teeth

by Miller's dream book
An ordinary dream in which you see teeth portends an unpleasant encounter with illness and restless, disturbing people.

If you dream that you have lost your teeth. Misfortune awaits you.

If in a dream the doctor pulled out your tooth. A terrible, lingering illness awaits you.

If in a dream you see the number of teeth in your mouth that is due to a person, it means that after numerous trials, the lost jewelry will return to you.

If in a dream you clean or rinsing your teeth - this means that it will take a huge struggle from you to preserve your happiness.

If you dream that you have artificial teeth in your mouth, it means. You should expect severe trials that will fall on you, and you will have to overcome them.

If you lose your teeth in a dream, a heavy burden awaits you, which will crush your pride and destroy your work.

If you dream that your teeth have been knocked out, it means that you should be attentive to your affairs, since the enemies are not asleep.

If in a dream your teeth are destroyed or broken, that means. Your work or health will suffer from excessive stress.

If you dream that you are spitting out your teeth, it means that the disease threatens you or your family.

Incorrect teeth with some flaws is the most terrible sleep. He threatens with many misfortunes to the one who sees him. This is poverty, and the collapse of personal plans and hopes, and illness, and nervous exhaustion even in hitherto healthy people.

If you lose one tooth in a dream, it means sad news; if two, then a streak of bad luck into which the dreamer will be thrown because of his own negligence. If three teeth fall out, very serious disasters will follow.

If you see that all your teeth have fallen out, this means that misfortunes are coming.

If you dream that your teeth have deteriorated and You pulled them out - it means that hunger and death await you.

If you dream that plaque is flying off your teeth, which makes them healthy and white, that means. Your discomfort is temporary; when it passes. You will come to your senses, and the awareness of the performed duty will delight you.

If in a dream you admire the whiteness and perfection of your teeth. Friends dear to your heart await you and all the fullness of happiness that the fulfillment of desires can give.

If in a dream you pull out one of your teeth and lose it, and then you look for a cavity in your mouth with your tongue, without finding it, and you leave this mystery unsolved - it means that you will meet with some person whom you do not want at all and which you want to neglect. Nevertheless, this meeting will take place. And in the future, you will continue to see this person and, despite the sidelong glances of friends, receive exciting pleasure from these meetings.

If you dream that your dentist has perfectly cleaned your teeth, and the next morning you find that they turned yellow again - this means that you will entrust the protection of your interests to certain people, butyou will soon find out that they will not resist the flattering promises of some clever deceiver.

To see in a dream Teeth

by Ukrainian dream book
Teeth - tooth - loss.

Teeth - talk, chatter, gossip.

Teeth pain - weakness.

Teeth have fallen out and there is blood - the death of a loved one.

The tooth will fall out - a dead man from the family.

All the teeth fell out on the palm and turned black, then the one who dreams will die.

And if you dream of one tooth, then someone from your acquaintances will die.

Wax teeth - to die.

How do you dream that the corner tooth was pulled out, then there will be a big dead man, and if you dream that the front tooth was pulled out, then there will be a small dead man.

How do you dream that your teeth hurt, and a dream in the morning - this is someone who will beat you, there will be a guest.

How do you dream that your teeth hurt, and a dream in the evening - this is someone else's death.

A hollow tooth will fall out - the old man will die.

A tooth will fall out without pain, without blood - someone will die not very dear.

A tooth is broken - you will lose a faithful friend, a new one has grown - you will clear up misunderstandings.

Loss of one side of the teeth - before death.

White teeth - health.

Sleep prediction Teeth

by Love dream book
If in a dream you admire your white and beautiful teeth, this promises happiness in love and prosperity. A dream in which you lose your teeth or your teeth are uneven and ugly does not bode well. For lovers, such a dream promises a break in relations.

Why dream Teeth

by Chinese dream book
Teeth fall out - misfortune with father or mother.

Teeth fall out and grow again - prosperity of offspring in all generations.

Brushing teeth - health.

A man cries, showing his teeth - there will be rivalry, litigation.