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To see in a dream Medicine

by French dream book
If you are taking medicine in a dream, you will be disappointed, poor, in need. If you take the medicine willingly, with joy, sleep promises you a carefree, happy existence. To give someone a potion to drink is a great benefit for you.

Sleep prediction Medicine

by Unnamed dream book
To accept with difficulty and unpleasantness means a quarrel with one of the people close to him.

To accept it willingly means carelessness.

Giving it to another portends unexpected benefits.

To spew medicine by the upper passage means to hear about bankruptcy, and the bottom means a successful course of affairs.

Why dream Medicine

by Dream interpretation for girls
To drink medicine through “I don’t want to” is a quarrel with loved ones.

Giving medicine to someone is to harm the one to whom you give it.

Look what cunning! Drinking medicine for them is harm, but they want to give it to you. Do not drink!

To see in a dream Medicine

by Miller's dream book
Taking a medicine that tastes good in a dream portends complications that will soon change your life for the better. But if you take a bitter medicine, you will suffer from a lingering illness, deep sadness or loss that will rob you of your composure.

Giving medicine to others means that you will harm the one who trusted you.

Why dream Medicine

by Dream interpretation of the XXI century
Taking medicine - you will be trusted by an influential person or boss, perhaps a responsible assignment or an important task.

Bitter or disgusting medicine - to a quarrel or disagreement with loved ones or relatives.

Pills - a harbinger of your success in small matters.

Swallowing or throwing away a pill - for a woman will not be disturbed by petty envy or other insignificant worries.

Swallowing pills one after another - to reprimands from higher people.

Pills to do - to the road, to take them to see bloodletting cans - promise you trouble.

To see in a dream Medicine

by Islamic dream book
whoever sees that he is taking the medicine will always be whole and healthy. This is the case if you drink the medicine with ease. Drinking medicine with difficulty - to intensify the disease.

In general, seeing any medicine in a dream indicates some kind of disease. Injecting medicine under the skin with a syringe means returning to a pure and pure life. Others believe that whoever sees such a dream will be seized by uncontrollable anger and anger. Drip medicine into the nose - to irritation.

Sleep prediction Medicine

by Dream interpretation of the twentieth century
Seeing medications: a sign that you need to urgently take some steps in order to improve the state of current affairs. Perhaps some of your "plans fail or unforeseen events threaten to unsettle you.

At the same time, problems can be related both to health and to any other business.

Place, in which you see the medicine: sometimes it can hint at the nature of the emerging troubles.

So, the medicine lying on a saucer, in a cup or spoon, usually warns that your income may decrease.

If you see the medicine on the bed or sofa: this is a signal that your passivity may be the cause of your troubles.

Bitter medicine: means that you need to take some unpleasant, but necessary steps.

Sometimes it also suggests that some unpleasant events that may upset you will turn out to be good for you in the future.