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Sleep prediction Teacher

by Dream interpretation Feng Shui
A man - to the successful completion of the work begun.

A woman - to receive an insult.

Seeing a new teacher - to a loss of money (losses).

Elderly people talk in a dream with teachers - to imminent death.

The merchant sees and speaks with the teacher - to the conclusion of an agreement with a new partner, enrichment.

If the merchant argues with the teacher - to the loss (of a family, business).

The student sees and speaks to the teacher - a symbol of possible interruption of studies due to lack of funds.

Sleep prediction Teacher

by Islamic dream book
who saw a teacher in a dream, in life he will meet with the ruler or other official. To dream of a teacher who teaches the Quran means to be close to Allah. The Quran says: "Merciful! He is the one who taught the Quran." (Sura-Ar-Rakhman, 12).

Why dream Teacher

by Self-study guide to the interpretation of dreams
The teacher symbolizes the dreamer's own wisdom.

This is a voice that you need to listen to.

He can also personify a face that limits your initiative, interferes with individual manifestation.

Being in a dream the teacher himself - to receive recognition and respect.

You will receive an invitation to society.

Seeing a teacher giving you instructions is a sign that you should change something in yourself.

Sleep prediction Teacher, teach, learn

by Rommel's dream book
To dream of yourself in the role of a school teacher - to live in great anxiety under the weight of worries and responsibility.

Seeing a teacher - to make a new acquaintance.

Teaching someone - to fight your own greed or to claim something, to prove your rights.

If you study, get someone's protection, loyalty of friends, loyalty of a loved one, success in business with someone's help or glory.