Rug indoor track

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Why dream Track

by Family dream book
Falling into a rut in a dream is a sign that you will have to come to terms with the circumstances, unless you manage to get out of it in a dream. See interpretation: go.

Why dream Track

by Dream interpretation Hasse
Broad - life without obstacles; narrow - you will be tempted; driving along it - you will achieve the goal of your aspirations; go off the track - loss of property or honor; walking along it - good views; lying on it is a pleasant life; beautiful, green - happy marriage

To see in a dream Track

by Dream interpretation of the twentieth century
A dream in which you see a rut: symbolizes the constraining circumstances.

Dry rut, along which you can freely move: means that in a difficult situation you use, perhaps not the best, but proven and reliable solutions, which sooner or later will allow you to achieve success. Such a dream reminds that they are not looking for good, good: the main thing is that you are moving in the right direction.

Getting stuck in a rut: a sign that you should look for non-standard ideas to solve your problems.