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To see in a dream Dress

by Miller's dream book
To dream that something is stopping you from getting dressed means that unkind people will torment you, interfering with your quiet activities.

If you cannot get dressed on time, rushing to the station, you will be very annoyed because of frivolity of other people. Such a dream encourages everyone to rely more on themselves in life, to act with greater confidence in their capabilities and strengths, which will lead to success.

To see in a dream Dress

by Rommel's dream book
To put on a suit or dress, coat, to hurry, to know that someone is interfering - to an unpleasant situation, an ambiguous situation.

To dress strangely or casually is to an unwanted, unpleasant visitor.

Sleep prediction Dress

by Esoteric dream book
Dress code - If in a dream you are wearing a certain F. with distinctive signs and other details (military, railroad worker, seller, company, etc.), this means that you live by stereotypes, according to the laws "given by Adam and Eve."

It's time to become more independent in their judgments and views.

Your F. in life - a dream recommends to change the place of service.

To see in a dream The hairdresser

by Psychological dream book
If you dreamed about a hairdresser, you can safely take on any business - success awaits you. For a young woman, a dream about a hairdresser portends happiness and good luck.

A dream in which you are going to a hairdresser promises a sensational event.

But for a woman, such a dream promises family discord and fair reproaches.

If a woman dreamed that a hairdresser made her a beautiful hairstyle, then she should not be so frivolous - the pursuit of trifles can end in complete disappointment.

Sleep prediction The sting

by Miller's dream book
A dream in which you have been stung by some insect predicts evil and misfortune.

If a girl dreams that she was stung, it means that in reality she will be tormented by sadness and remorse because of male arrogance.