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To see in a dream Sea

by Dream interpretation alphabetically
Seeing a calm sea on a beautiful sunny day portends a cloudless existence in full abundance.

Stormy sea - to the insult that they will inflict on you, deliberately choosing the most suitable moment for this.

Flying in a dream over the sea as if on wings portends a dream come true, but if you fall into the sea - in reality you will lose money or expensive things.

Drowning in the sea - in real life you yourself will be the culprit of many of your misfortunes.

Swimming in the sea - risking your health. Sailing on the sea on a ship means that happy events await you in reality. If your ship is wrecked on the high seas - this is bad news.

To be left alone at sea, having managed to escape from a sunken ship - such a dream means that ruin and shame await you, and any requests from a friend for help will be met in response, indifferent silence.

Sailing on the sea, having taken a trip around the world on a small yacht, - in reality, you will incur significant financial losses.

To get into a big storm that broke out at sea means that in reality you will show complete failure in business and you will simply be removed from them.

Drifting in the sea in complete calm - in real life, indulge in an easy and completely harmless hobby.

To see a ship sailing towards the open sea with bright lights is a harbinger of prosperity in everything.

Colliding with an iceberg in the sea portends unexpected changes in the circumstances caused by the need to postpone anticipated pleasure.
< br> Seeing the distant light of the lighthouse from the sea portends that the path to real success will be open to you in the very near future.

To see in a dream Sea

by American dream book
The ocean symbolizes the sea of ​​life, your subconscious mind and the tremendous intuitive power that is in you.

It's time to delve into the primordial wisdom that lives in you.

Trust your intuition.

Meaning this sign can be different depending on the state of the water.

A calm, calm ocean indicates tremendous inner strength, as well as emotional and spiritual balance.

A stormy, restless ocean requires great courage from you to embark on a journey to calm waters through emotional storms. (see also water)

Sleep prediction Sea

by Freud's dream book
Sea - The sea that you see in a dream from afar suggests that you currently think of sex as something inaccessible and unreal, at least not that you can enjoy it.

In fact, the reason for such a presentation is your attitude to your own appearance, which does not give you the opportunity to completely relax and get pleasure. The calm sea that you looked at from the coast or from the ship suggests that you lack the peace that you seek wherever you can. Soon the situation will change, everything will stabilize, and you will receive what you lack so much.

- If you dreamed of someone swimming in the sea, the dream has a good meaning - you can help the person whom you saw solve some problem that he could not cope with. - If in a dream you saw yourself bathing in the sea, this means that at the present time you feel great, you are doing everything the way you want it, and the reason for this is a full-fledged sex life, although until now you have not given it doesn't matter.

- If in your dream you tried to enter a restless, raging sea, then wait for such a night of love that you have not had for a long time, and you have completely forgotten that you can make love like that. Do not do anything specifically for this - everything will happen by itself. Swim underwater in the sea - you are trying to learn something that you absolutely do not need to know. Your meticulousness will not lead to anything good, and you will only get upset.

Why dream Sea

by Children's dream book
The sea - like salt water - dreams of tears and grief. If the sea is calm, then everything will be fine in life. If the sea is stormy, with waves, then soon many pleasant and unpleasant incidents will happen in your life.

To see in a dream Sea

by Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov
Calm - your dreams will come true soon. Blue, clear - joy, favor of fate. Sailing on the sea in calm - to the fulfillment of the desires of youth. Sailing on a ship is a profitable job. To go by the seashore is a long-awaited journey. Stormy - to overcome obstacles. Standing on the shores of the rough sea - to a hectic life, entertainment and love adventures. Seeing yourself in the waves during a storm - to stormy scenes of jealousy in the family or with a loved one. Looking at the sea - news from afar.

Imagine that the storm on the sea ends, you see a calm blue surface.

Why dream Sea

by Unnamed dream book
Seeing clean and calm foreshadows joy and a prosperous arrangement of one's affairs.

A muddy and slightly agitated foreshadows success in our desires and intentions.

A completely calm sea means a stop in business and especially in trade.

The sea, strongly agitated, portends loss, grief and failure in enterprises.

To see in a dream Sea

by Gypsy dream book
Dreamed of the sea - a long trip.

If the sea is calm, everything will be fine.

If you see a storm, something will constantly disturb you.

The sea is a long trip.

Quiet, calm sea - the trip will be successful and pleasant.

Stormy sea - portends many problems and worries.

Sleep prediction Sea

by Self-study guide to the interpretation of dreams
Reflects an emotional and creative upsurge, the element of the unconscious in a person.

Blue, clear sea - joy, favor of fate.

Stormy sea, storm - your intemperance will create problems for you, broken love.

The sea is a symbol of infinite energy, universal consciousness.

The sea appears in our dreams less often than the river.

Seeing the sea means taking a step towards the highest wisdom in life.
< br> If you dreamed of the sea, be sure that any of your problems will have a happy ending.

If you dream of a shipwreck, a storm at sea - be careful. Danger is hanging over your life or the life of your loved ones.

To see in a dream Sea

by Rommel's dream book
Calm sea - to a peaceful life, well-being, joy.

Stormy, stormy - to worries, worries, dangers.

The state of the sea can symbolize intimate relationships (even, devoid of romance, violent passion, etc. .p.).

Go along the seashore, along the beach - to the road.

Looking at the sea - to news from afar.

Sailing on a ship - to important changes in life.

Swimming in the sea - to the fulfillment of desires.

Sinking - to danger to life or dangerous business.

Looking into the depths of the sea - to secret alarm.

Looking from the depths through the water column upwards - to unrealizable dreams.

Strongly storming sea - a symbol of losses and failures in business.