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To see in a dream Rubber

by Family dream book
Rubber in a dream is a symbol of deception and hypocrisy. Usually a dream about her warns you that you can believe false promises and lose money because of this. If you dream that some object stretches like rubber, then your affairs will drag on indefinitely for reasons that do not depend on you. A dream in which you yourself pull out an object, as if it were rubber, predicts that you yourself will be to blame for the fact that your affairs will stall. A torn elastic band in a dream is a sign of failure in business, failure to fulfill desire due to the fact that you will lose the necessary support.

Clothes or shoes made of rubber in a dream are a harbinger of the fact that your perseverance and endurance will allow you to achieve the desired results ... To see in a dream that they are torn, leaking or completely unusable is a very bad sign, foreshadowing the failure of plans and the collapse of hopes. See interpretation: clothing, shoes.

Why dream Rubber

by Rommel's dream book
Rubber products are a sign of your secrecy in some business, which will certainly benefit in the future, but will surprise others in the present.

Rubber clothes symbolize the inviolability of your reputation.

If in a dream this clothes are in disarray, in reality you need to be more careful in your behavior.

Often a dream, where there is rubber in any form, calls for delicacy in the approach to some kind of undertaking.

Sleep prediction Rubber

by Miller's dream book
If in a dream you are wearing rubber clothes, it means that your impeccable reputation will be earned by the firmness and invariability of your moral position.

If your rubber clothes in a dream are very shabby and torn, then it means. You should be careful in your behavior, as a scandal is about to break out around your name.

If in a dream you find that your arms and legs are stretching like rubber - you are in danger of illness or deception in business affairs.

If you dream about rubber products, it means that you will be so secretive in your affairs that your friends will be at a loss in conjectures about your behavior.

Why dream Rubber

by Dream interpretation of the twentieth century
Symbolizes resistance.

The more elastic it is, the more tension promises you a dream.

Seeing a piece of rubber: a sign that delay in some business can cost you dearly.
< br> Rubber clothes or shoes in a dream: a sign of some serious problems that you want to distance yourself from.

If rubber clothes are comfortable: a dream suggests that minor troubles cannot prevent you.

Why dream Sex with a rubber doll

by Intimate dream book
This dream should be considered mainly in relation to men, however, it is possible that a woman may dream of having sex with a rubber doll (if she sees herself as a man or if all kinds of devices that replace the penis are used).

For men dream about sex with a rubber doll has the following meanings:

1) subconscious feeling of boredom and routine in life in general; 2) dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs;

3) a sense of the artificiality of the current situation and the desire to change it;

4) a feeling of prolonging the situation, undecidability or impossibility at the moment to solve any problem.