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Sleep prediction Bridge

by Noble dream book
A bridge in a dream is a symbol of contact, connection, a bridge between the soul and the outside world, between a person and the other world, between a person and society.

A wide beautiful bridge - unexpected support, harmony between the world and the soul, between a person and society .

Broken, ruined bridge - fear of the world, distrust of people, alienation, loneliness, loss of money.

Garden or park wooden bridge - love affair.

Fancy bridge - amorous amusements.

Country bridge - family and kinship ties, their strength or fragility.

To cross a narrow uncomfortable bridge across the river - uncertainty in relationships with people arising from their ignorance.

To meet such a person is good; a bond that cannot be broken, a happy marriage.

The bridge is shaking under you - fragile relationships, obsessive fear of losing your mind.

Statues on the bridge - patron, patrons, mediators in your relationships with people, strength guarding the harmony of your contacts with the outside world.

Animals on the bridge - passions hinder your normal relations with people.

Walking along an unusually long bridge and not having the strength to reach its end - fear of disease , before thoughts of death, unsuccessful attempts to establish normal relations with the world and people, a feeling of loneliness.

Crossing the railway bridge - old and stronger relationships between people interfere with your contacts with them, fear of life. < br>
An unusually high bridge raised above the ground is a relationship that is too cold, high and does not satisfy you, platonic love.

Running swiftly across the bridge - separation, loss of a loved one.

Swim under the bridge - you need to get on Wednesday, where people are connected by more long-standing, strong relationships.

Falling or jumping down from the bridge - to lose the attention or respect of people, to lose support, connections that you would like to get rid of.

On the bridge, meet a person - by his appearance or his speeches to find out something about his past or future, because he is your double.

In the middle of the bridge to go to bed - to lose friends because of the desire to be with everyone in good relations, be indecisive, try to please and God and the devil.

The bridge inside the house is to see, to walk on it, it collapses - a kind of internal discord and attempts to overcome it.

To live under the bridge is to be someone's mediator.

A bridge over a dry place - connections with people, the need for them.

The bridge between the windows of houses is a very strange basis of your relationship with any person.

The fence in the middle of the bridge is social interference when communicating with people.

At the end of the bridge, it is not a road, but a house - someone interferes with the establishment of your relations with people.

A house on a bridge is a life built on everything alien: thoughts, money, etc.

Standing at a raised bridge is to temporarily lose support.

Storm, wind on the bridge - contact with the other world.

Red-hot railway most, a bridge over an abyss, a rope instead of a bridge - the spiritual world, the path to the treasures of your spirit.

Seeing a crumbling bridge - acute conflicts and quarrels.

Trying to build a bridge - feeling your isolation, not being content closed life.

If a small bridge is contact with a completely certain person.

A bridge, spirits, freaks, witches stand on it - a public disaster, the threat of becoming an accomplice of evil forces, communication with them, treatment to evil.

Destroy a bridge - go into conflict with someone, burn your ships, break with bad people.

To see how workers build a bridge - your happiness is being built, general prosperity has come time to take stock.

Why dream Bridge

by Modern dream book
The bridge in a dream symbolizes hope, promise, oath. If in a dream you are driving or walking over a bridge and suddenly it falls under you, it is possible that soon you will be betrayed by a person whom you are used to trusting. You will be upset about this, but ultimately you will justify and forgive the traitor. A safe crossing of the bridge means the final overcoming of difficulties, albeit by not entirely safe means.

Sleep prediction Bridge

by American dream book
It is a powerful symbol of change and transformation.

You expand your experience through the bridge and move from one state to another.

It can be a new job, a career change, or any change that brings you through into a new life stage.

A bridge can also reflect a change in your personal perception of reality.

A bridge can also embody: an emotional transition in your life, as it is usually located above water.

Why dream Bridge

by Family dream book
A bridge in a dream means change and promises support in difficult times. Sometimes such a dream suggests that your situation is not hopeless, and sometimes it predicts losses, losses, obstacles in business. The latter is especially characteristic of a dream, in which a bridge appears in front of you where you least expected to see it. The bridge is large, durable, without damage, safe to see in a dream - a sign of good luck in a difficult business, a favorable combination of circumstances, successful overcoming of obstacles. It is especially good to see in a dream that you have safely passed the bridge and got rid of the danger. Such a dream promises complete success in your affairs and a change for the better. Pay attention to the area in which you will find yourself after crossing the bridge. If she is beautiful and you like it, then great luck and happiness awaits you. If the bridge is thrown over an abyss or other dangerous place, then, having passed it in a dream, in life you will safely avoid danger or an accident. If the bridge in your dream is damaged and you cannot use it, then losses and setbacks await you. Going around the bridge in a dream is a sign of successfully overcoming obstacles. A drawbridge or drawbridge in a dream means that your plans will fail.

To see in a dream Bridge

by Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov
Overcome all obstacles and reach your goal. To see - to a long separation from a loved one. Go - changes in your personal life await you. Broken - disappointment in love affairs. Build is good luck in business. Wooden - you will need friendly support. Preparing supports for the bridge is a huge condition. Fall from the bridge - you have to fight a person who claims to be the first. Long curved - you have to expose betrayal in your immediate environment. Bridge over an abyss - you will successfully avoid shame. Garden or park - for love adventures. Railway - to get rid of burdensome relationships. Raise bridges - you will have to act as a parliamentarian between the warring parties.

Imagine that you are walking across a dream bridge several times.

Sleep prediction Bridge

by Dream interpretation alphabetically
Walking in a dream across a bridge across a small calm river - you will find happiness in business and the love of your neighbors.

A bridge over a stormy mountain stream portends the futility of your intentions to regain a lost feeling.

Go through a dilapidated, dangerously hanging over a deep gorge, the bridge foreshadows a depressed state from the many failures that have fallen on you at once.

Falling on such a bridge, hanging over an abyss and risking falling into it at any moment means obstacles in business that will not allow you to advance a single step in the implementation of your idea.

A long railway bridge across a very wide river, which you cross in a dream on a train, foreshadows the lovers' disappointment in their chosen one due to too long courtship without any hint of matchmaking.

Crossing a large ravine safely on a narrow viaduct above it means that taking the shortest route will help you reach your goal more quickly, but expose yourself to serious and dangerous risks. awns.

Sailing on a pleasure boat along the canal under the arch of the stone bridge is a sign of treason and betrayal, which will lead to a break in relations with people who are still loved and loyal to you.

Pass under the bridge, towering over the railway tracks - such a dream means that you will be able to achieve your goal through many sacrifices, but this will eventually justify itself and you will be happy. If, on the contrary, you pass over such a bridge, beware of fans who will not please you at first sight.

Jumping in a dream over the bridge that they began to bred, and at the same time falling down - then you can put the final cross on their plans, because they are impracticable in principle due to the recently introduced new rules and regulations.

To see in a dream a suicide rushing headlong into a blackening water surface far below means the negligence of your subordinates and your inability to deal with work with them, which will ultimately lead to disastrous results.

Why dream Bridge

by Rommel's dream book
To see the bridge from the outside is to experience an event that will divide life into two parts: “before” and “after.”

Moving, marriage, change of profession, but the connection between different periods will never be lost memories, friendship) .

Crossing a bridge over a river, an abyss, over paths - avoiding danger, completing difficult work, waiting for a change in life.

Standing on a bridge - getting a job.

New bridge - an unusual case.

Repairing a bridge - a success.

A curved bridge - infidelity.

A dilapidated, swinging bridge - to anxiety, fear, doubt, self-doubt. < br>
Falling from a bridge - to illness or misfortune.

To see in a dream Bridge

by Gypsy dream book
You can handle all the problems.

If the bridge is new, you can easily cope with them without making any efforts.

If the bridge is old, you will also cope with the problem, but you will have to try.
< br> Walking across the bridge - overcoming difficulties.

If the bridge is old, you will overcome them, but it will take a lot of effort.

If the bridge is new, you will easily overcome them.