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Why dream Hare

by Ancient dream book
The image of a hare that appeared in the dream was most likely in reality caused by such well-known folk expressions as: "You will chase two hares, you will not catch one" or "Cowardly like a hare."

Maybe in real life you ran into a two-faced person and thought that it is peculiar for him, like a hare, to change his color.

There is also a well-known folk omen, which, having also been deposited in your subconsciousness, could have caused the appearance of a hare in your dream: "A hare runs around the village - to the fire."

Everyone knows that the hare is a cowardly animal, and how can he be brave if so many predatory animals hunt him.

In a word, if you dreamed of a hare, then your subconscious mind reminded you of such human weaknesses as cowardice and excessive shyness.

Watching a hare in a dream, which, hiding, runs around the fox's hole, - a sign that before deciding on a very important act, you should think carefully about whether it will cause great misfortune. The bitter experience of your loved ones will help you to understand this.

Chasing two hares in a dream means that in real life you need to follow the well-known folk wisdom: "You will chase two hares, you will not catch one", then there is not to take on several things at once, because none of them you can not do as you should.

Seeing a hare hiding under a bush in a dream is evidence that in real life you cannot rely on your friend , because, in all likelihood, he will lead you.

Seeing a hare shrinking into a ball in a dream is a sign that in real life you tend to be "in the shadow", that is, not to interfere in any business and try not to attract the attention of other people.

A dream says that you need to fight your shyness, otherwise your life will be boring and imperceptible.

Watching how a hare changes color in a dream is a harbinger of your meeting with an unreliable a two-faced person who will not only deceive your expectations, but also bring you a lot of grief.

Seeing a hare in a cage in a dream is a prophecy that you will finally be able to cope with your shyness.
< br> If you dreamed about a wounded hare, then in reality one of your relatives is in great need of your help, but hesitates to contact you.

To see a hare running around the city in a dream means that in real life you you should be careful with matches. There is a real fire hazard.

Why dream Hare

by Ukrainian dream book
Hare - as hares dream, there will be a sharp, unpleasant relationship with someone; this is bad: there will be some kind of loss - or you lose something, or die, or steal. To see a hare - to experience any fear; there is - satisfaction; kill is happiness. If you catch a hare - losses. Hare dreams - failure.

Why dream Hare

by Psychological dream book
The fleeing hare portends that you will lose something valuable.

Caught a hare - win the competition.

Gently stroking the hare's fur, it means that you will be surrounded by nice, but not intelligent friends. < br>
We saw how dogs are chasing a hare - expect a quarrel, but you will be able to establish old friendships.

If you shot a hare in a dream, then in real life you will have to resort to tough measures to restore your rights.

As for your personal life, the dream of a hare indicates that you are possessed by unfounded fears about marriage. Your jealous nature is partly to blame. Remember that mistrust and jealousy can ruin your relationship.

To see in a dream Hare

by Dream interpretation of the XXI century
A sign of weakness. You will have to experience some kind of fear.

For newlyweds and unmarried girls, it can also be a symbol of love and marital fidelity.

Running hare - dreams of wealth or profit.

Run for a hare - fortunately.

To drive a hare - to gossip.

To catch a hare - to a loss.

To feed a hare - to poverty.

White hare - signifies friendship and success.

Black hare - signifies grief.

Why dream Hare

by Freud's dream book
The hare, like any small creatures and animals, is a symbol of children.

Hunting for hares symbolizes your desire to have sexual intercourse with minors.

A hare gnawing on a branch or a carrot reminds you of your first sexual encounter.

If you caress a hare, then perhaps you are paying too much attention to the care of your children. If you have no children, then this indicates your desire to have a child.

Why dream Hare

by Dream interpretation for women
Running after a person - someone helps you, while remaining in the shadows. Escaping hare - everything has its time, you need to be patient. If you had a dream in the first half of the week, do not take on other people's responsibilities, no one will appreciate this. Best of all, pay more attention to your own responsibilities, you already have a lot of them. If you had a dream in the second half of the week, a mysterious and unknown pleasure awaits you.