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To see in a dream Trumpet

by Family dream book
Going down the pipe in a dream is a sign of danger and obstacles in business. In addition, such a dream predicts losses and losses.

Climbing up the chimney in a dream means that in life you will be able to get out of a difficult situation.

A piece of pipe to see in a dream is a sign that your business will end in failure.

Wading through a pipe in a dream means that you have to look for extraordinary ways to solve your problems.

A spyglass in a dream foreshadows the difficulties associated with problems of trust between partners. Looking into it in a dream means that you need to be careful and not make hasty decisions in order not to make unforgivable mistakes. Losing or breaking a telescope is a harbinger of quarrels and strife with friends or loved ones. See interpretation: glasses.

A chimney sweep in a dream means that you must act to remove obstacles on your path to success. Being him in a dream portends everyday difficulties and small incomes. Damaged pipes in a dream warn you of obstacles in business. A collapsed chimney on a house portends trouble or death, most often for the owner of this house. See the interpretation: house.

A drain or sewer pipe in a dream is a sign that you will get involved in an unpleasant business. A pipe with clean water in a dream means well-being and success in business. Venting in a dream means that you are wasting your energy on trifles.

Sleep prediction Trumpet

by Dream Interpretation Maya
If you dreamed that you were playing the trumpet, then in the near future your life will be like a holiday. To make this time last as long as possible, just blow into the pipe.

If you dreamed that you were buying a pipe, in the near future you will have to look for another job. To avoid this, whistle every morning for a week before getting out of bed.

Why dream Trumpet

by English dream book
Playing the trumpet in a dream is a harbinger of your prosperity in the future and the complete collapse of the plans of your enemies, who have made a lot of effort to bring you trouble. But if you just hear the sound of a trumpet in a dream, it bodes bad luck. Your rivals in trading or any other activity will try to get ahead of you and harm your business. Perhaps you will have quarrels with your family or friends; the news of some kind of catastrophe will confuse you. And if you are in love, you will soon hear a challenge from your opponent. And your opponent, alas, will win.