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To see in a dream Rowan

by Ancient dream book
Rowan is a symbol of loneliness, but at the same time and resilience, since its berries become sweet only after they are "hit by frost."

If you dreamed that you were picking berries from a mountain ash, then soon wait for trials.

To see how birds peck at the brushes of mountain ash - in reality some lonely person will need your help, and you will not refuse him.

In a dream, break a branch or cut down a mountain ash - to disappointment and bad changes, it will take courage and self-control from you to cope with the emerging problems on your own.

Rowan beads are a good sign that promises interference in your life of an influential person, but this does not mean that you will feel yourself less lonely.

Sleep prediction Rowan

by Dream interpretation of druids
If in a dream you see that rowan branches sag under the weight of bunches, then it is possible that in the near future you will receive an inheritance or win a large sum of money.

A dream in which you drink mountain ash tincture or eat something made from rowan, warns you against actions that you will then be ashamed of.

Sleep prediction Rowan

by Freud's dream book
Rowan - Seeing a mountain ash in a dream, showered with berries, promises you a harmonious intimate relationship with a person whom you did not imagine as a lover, and therefore a close relationship with him will be a revelation for you.