Rush around the apartment

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To see in a dream Apartment

by Rommel's dream book
If in a dream you just saw your apartment, this dream promises a peaceful life.

A dreaming someone else's apartment marks the betrayal of a person with whom you have a close relationship.

Changing an apartment is also a betrayal in love.

Buying an apartment - to profit.

Renting an apartment - to a new job, a new hobby or a new intimate relationship.

Renting an apartment - to getting a job, success in business, loved ones relationships without love.

Paying for an apartment - to separation from a friend.

Receiving a rent from someone - to return a forgotten friendship or love.

Why dream Apartment

by Family dream book
Having her in a dream in good condition and with a decent atmosphere means that your business will go well.

Finding a new apartment or changing in a dream is a sign of a change in occupation;

Renting an apartment in a dream means starting a new business;

To hand over a "corner" to someone in a dream is a harbinger of obstacles in business;

Paying rent in a dream is a sign of reckoning for something. Sometimes such a dream means separation from a loved one and deep emotional experiences.

Taking a rent in a dream is a sign that the past will remind of itself. Sometimes such a dream means that you have to do a business that you left a long time ago.

It is possible that after such a dream you will meet a person whom you have not seen for a long time and who repents of his mistakes.

See interpretation: tenant, house, dwelling.

To see in a dream Apartment

by Psychological dream book
If in a dream you saw yourself in an unfamiliar apartment, then soon significant changes will occur in your life.

If it is bright and spacious, then luck will certainly smile upon you.

If it causes gloomy sensations - do not count on success.

If you dreamed that you were renting out an apartment, then in reality you will face problems that you can solve on your own.

Seeing in a dream your apartment in some unusual or distorted form, know that the attempts you have made to change your life will sooner or later be crowned with success.

If in a dream you cannot leave your apartment in any way - in reality your planned trip will be overshadowed or upset by unpleasant news.