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Why dream Bench

by Dream interpretation of the twentieth century
It symbolizes frivolity and time wasted on trifles.

A love date on a bench: a sign of a frivolous relationship without a long continuation.

To dream that you are discussing some important matter on a bench: in reality usually portends a breakdown of certain agreements and misunderstandings in business.

If some kind of trouble happened to you on the bench: such a dream suggests that in reality your frivolity threatens to turn into an unpleasant problem. you seem to lack some solidity and seriousness to succeed in life.

Sitting on a bench: a sign that you are wasting your time.

Why dream Bench

by Family dream book
A bench in a public institution in a dream is a sign that you will have to seek help or support from government officials.

Sitting on a bench in an institution in a dream means that your business will be a win-win because of some advantages over a competitor or rival. Such a dream also indicates that time is working for you. An ornate garden bench in a dream is a harbinger of love meetings or adventures.

The bench of the accused in a dream symbolizes the condemnation of others. See interpretation: judgment.

Sitting on a bench with friends in a dream means that friends will not leave you in trouble.

Why dream Bench

by Miller's dream book
If you see in a dream that you are sitting on a bench, then in reality do not trust your debtors.

If you see others sitting on a bench, this means a happy reunion of friends separated by a misunderstanding.

To see in a dream Bench

by Gypsy dream book
Do not trust just anyone, be selective in your acquaintances.

Sitting on a bench is a warning.

You should not be frank about your personal life with people you do not know well.

Sleep prediction Bench

by Modern dream book
If you dream that you are sitting on a bench, you should not trust your debtors. If other people are sitting on the bench, a happy reunion of friends who have parted due to some misunderstanding will soon take place.

To see in a dream Bench

by Psychological dream book
Seeing yourself sitting on a bench in a dream, in real life it is better not to trust your debtors.

If you dreamed of someone else sitting on a bench, then you will have a happy reunion with friends with whom you parted from - for a stupid misunderstanding.

Why dream Bench

by French dream book
Your sleep means that you will soon be successful. A wooden bench means that someone will keep their promise to you long ago. The iron bench portends a gift, the true meaning of which will be revealed to you later.