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Sleep prediction Dog

by Indian dream book
A dog that lives at the house is a symbol of fidelity, courage and love.

A stranger is dangerous enemies.

If anyone dreams that a dog barks and tears his dress, this means that some ill-wisher vilifies the sleeper and tries to damage his happiness.

Why dream Dog

by American dream book
A symbol of loyalty, friendship and protection.

It is also a symbol of service and dedication.

Have you shown devotion in friendship or felt that others should be devoted to you? Have you faithfully followed your main goal in life?

To see in a dream Dog

by Small dream book
Dog - The dog dreams of great love, or friendship (expected); to the good news. If you dream of a black or gray dog, then this is unfortunately; howling - bad news.

To see in a dream Dog

by Dream Interpretation Maya
If an animal has a mouth in its blood, then very soon you will have a loyal and reliable companion. To make this happen, draw a circle on the wall with yellow canvas paint, and write a triangle in it.

If the animal sleeps, then soon your enemies will begin to act and none of your friends will be able to protect you. To be on the safe side, paint a thin red strip on each nail. And before entering the room, throw one coffee bean over your right shoulder for a week.

Sleep prediction Dog

by Miller's dream book
Angry dog ​​- failures, insidious deeds of your opponents;

Affectionate dog - good luck, true friends;

Being the owner of a purebred dog - you will be able to make yourself a solid fortune;

The bloodhound goes following you - a warning against temptations that can be disastrous for you;

A dog bit you - do not expect peace in the near future, either in relations with business partners or with your wife;

Skinny and dirty dogs - failures or illness;

Hearing dogs barking - bad news;

A hunting dog in your house - favorable circumstances in business;

Nice dogs of exquisite breed - at You will be a frivolous dapper admirer (for a girl);

To be frightened by a meeting with a big dog - your lot will be resistance to the whole environment, the desire to rise above vulgarity and mediocrity;

For women - this dream is very a worthy husband;

The growling of dogs behind you - to your cherished interests picking there is some kind of intriguer, perhaps defeat, but always this dream is an incentive to active resistance;

A cat and a dog suddenly throwing themselves at each other is a failure in matters of the heart;

Pouring water on fighters is favorable sleep;

White dog, friendly circling around you - great luck in business and love;

Many-headed dog - do not get carried away with many things at once, it turns into vanity;

Pursuing you a mad dog is a warning to mobilize all forces of character to resist the fight;

Chasing or killing a mad dog is a good dream;

Walking a dog, especially a purebred one, and see how it kills snake - an auspicious dream.

Also see Bulldog, Cat, Snake, Barking, Hare, Rage, Hunting.

Why dream Dog

by Unnamed dream book
Means a true friend.

Play with a dog means a true friend.

Playing with many dogs means stinginess.

A white dog portends well-being, and a black dog betrays a friend.

A mad dog is a sign of the greatest danger.

To see an evil dog means shameful love.

To see a dog fight with a cat means a quarrel with a false friend.

To see your own dog means a faithful friend, fearless and devoted to us.

To see a dog tearing a dress on us, signifies slander and deceitful tricks of a low and mean man who tries to harm us.

If a dog bites, then it means grief emanating from the enemies.

Seeing a dog with many heads, like the mythological Cerberus, marks a crime and a worthy punishment for it.

Seeing dogs of many fighting makes one fear the actions of slander and envy. < br>
Seeing a dog barking is a sign of slander.

Seeing many dogs running away crowded together, portends war.

To see in a dream Dog

by Dream interpretation Veles
Well, win, friend // for worse, quarrel, false gossip (nonsense), an enemy or slanderer has appeared; black - you will meet a friend // bad news, quarrel, betrayal of a loved one, an argument with a man; white - well-being; redhead - unkind, deceiving person; stranger is a thief; howls - to death; barks upside down - fire; angry, furious - an enemy, a friend will get sick, danger from a loved one, failure, accusation; caresses - there will be a friend, happiness, matchmaking // be afraid of your neighbor; lure, play - there will be a conversation with the enemy; bit to the blood - an early marriage (to the girl) // the thief will bite, slander, one of his own has become the enemy; not bitten to blood - an enemy from close, but not blood; bit without resistance - secret enmity; bit after the fight - obvious enmity, fight; dog fight - to be present during an argument, fight; with blood - brother-in-law; without blood - strangers, neighbors; fight off the dog, kill it - well, defeat the enemy; beat mad - an unexpected guest will arrive; beware of dogs - you will have communication with the enemy, which can become your best friend; catch, give - you will receive someone else's; barking dog - empty news, a quarrel with a thief, attack, empty noise; dogs in a bunch - war.

Sleep prediction Dog

by Dream interpretation of the Canaanite
Dog - Friendly - for new acquaintances. Aggressive - to a quarrel with friends. If the dog bites you, then the quarrel will be associated with resentment and will drag on for a long time, if not forever. White dog - great success with the help of friends. Very affectionate - to a close friend, lover. Your own - to pleasant household chores. Large, frightening in its appearance - to the illness of loved ones, friends.

To see in a dream Running

by Dream interpretation alphabetically
Watching horse races at the racetrack portends unexpected success. Taking part in the races is a happy change in life, the place taken in the competition, that is, which horse will come to the finish line, can mean years before the main success in life.

Seeing a jockey or talking to him - you can receive an unexpected gift, for a girl this can portend marriage with a man of her circle, a quick achievement of her goal. To play the role of a jockey is to look like an anemone in the eyes of others. Riding a running chariot is an opportunity. Falling from it is displacement from high posts.