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Ballet dancer

My name is Maria Lolenko. I am 26.Ballet school made off with in 2008. Also made off a Theatrically-artistic college, choreographic separation. Today I work in Dnepropetrovsk Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, in position "soloist of ballet". I was on tour as a part of the ballet troupe to such countries as:Russia,Romania,Italy,Germany,Spain,France and Switzerland. Now I am working in Dnipropetrovsk Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet,I am at the position of soloist there. I dance the such parties in ballet as:"Nutchracker" -the Mari,and the soloist in the Waltz;"Swan Lake"-the pa-de-true,and Hungarian bride at the third act;"The Sleeping Beauty"-the fairy tenderness,the big maid of honor,and Jewel(at the third act);"La Corsair" -Gulnara and Medora;"Romeo and Juliet"-Juliet's part;in the "Pa-de-quatre"-the part Carlotta Grisi;"1000 and one nights"-Scheherazade's part. Also I have danced various solo parts in ballets by O.Nikolaev.There are ballets "Night before Christmas" by N.Gogol-the part of Oksana;"Cradle of Life"-the part of Kozachka.And I danced in the ballet "Jesus" the part of Mary Magdalene in the world's premiere of the American composer J.Debney. Today I would like to work in the new interesting troupe in Europe . My settings: Height 170,weight 52. Yours sincerely, Maria Lolenko

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